WASTED is a feature film written and directed by Mark Gillis, shot in South East London in early 2014.

It’s about a man desperately trying to keep his family together working part time/zero hours. It’s an alternative voice in the whole skiver/strive debate. It’s a look at three generations of men and their changing relationship to work. It’s saying not everyone on benefits is a scrounger. It’s saying if being unemployed is a lifestyle choice it’s a pretty crap one.

But it’s NOT poverty porn.

It’s warm, tender, funny; A man out there right now, doing his best.

The script had some great feedback - a big thank you to among others, Richard Eyre, Alan Rickman, Basi Akpabio (Devt Exec) and Gail Egan (Potboiler Productions) for their encouragement.  However, with a cast of brilliant, very experienced but not necessarily high profile actors we knew it would be very difficult to get the film funded through the normal channels. In fact with it also being the director’s first feature, we’d barely raise a smile.

So we decided to make the film ourselves. We raised some of the budget from among ourselves, some from investors and some from our kickstarter campaign.

If you’d like more information about how we went about our kickstarter project, it’s here;


Getting a film made on this budget depends entirely on calling in favours for equipment, post production space and most importantly peoples' time.  On completion we'll need a lot of help spreading the word so if you know anyone who you think might like this story and this project, or who might be sympathetic to its themes, then please do forward them a link, or tweet about us, or like us on facebook.

That would be a HUGE help. Thank you.

Please stay in touch with our news blog for updates now that the film is nearing the end of its very long post production.

If you’d like to be kept up to date with the film’s progress by email, please let us know on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We’d love you to feel a part of this project. Please come back soon.